Anven Founders

Ronald Zuckermann, PhD

Ronald Zuckermann, PhD – Anven Co-Founder and Chairman SAB

  • PhD from UC Berkeley in Bioorganic Chemistry with Dr. Peter Schultz; published >140 papers, 38 patents.
  • Director of Biological Nanostructures, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab -
  • Invented class of heteropolymers called "Peptoids“ in early 1990’s.
  • A founding chemist at Protos Corp. (drug discovery venture)

Reddy Moola, PhD

Reddy Moola, PhD – Anven Founder and President

  • PhD from Indian Institute of Chemical Technology with Dr. J.S Yadav. 
  • Faculty at UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas and The Scripps Research Institute.
  • Invented and published many novel peptoid-based technologies.
  • Published over 30 papers and is co-inventor on 18 patents.

Bill Shelander, MSE, MBA

Bill Shelander, MSE, MBA – Anven Co-Founder and CEO

  • MBA from Stanford University; MS in Chemical Engineering
  • 30+ years of VC management and start ups in advanced technologies
  • Commercialization expert at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
  • Lecturer Stanford University and Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley